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You will need:

• Aluminum foil

• The pattern to be printed

• Hot glue gun

• 1m of thin felt (or other fabric, colored paper, tissue)

• Scissors

• Pen

• Box cutter

• Sewing thread and needle to decorate thin felt

• Decorated paper

• 24 wood picks of about 15cm long

• 24 numbered labels

• 24 gifts/candies/coupons for...

• String lights

How to do:

1. Shape and form a big cone of about 40 to 50 cm high and with a diameter of 20cm using aluminum foil. Pay attention to well press and crease aluminum foil in order to have a thick structure that will hold lollipops later.

2. Decorate the cone to have a Christmas tree. For that, make truncated cones with thin felt to create the 4 levels of the tree (you may use downloadable patterns). You just have to slip them one by one on aluminum like a dress .

NB: it is also possible to decorate the tree with colored paper, tissue, sequins or paint…listen to your creativity!

3. Prepare some little gifts that will be hidden in lollipops. Wrap each candy, Pierrot Gourmand lollipop, small toy, coupons in aluminum foil in order to obtain an oval lollipop-shaped package.

4. Sink and glue a wood pick of about 15cm long on one end of each small gift (except for hidden lollipops that already have a stick). Use hot glue to make sure that it holds well. For Pierrot Gourmand lollipop lovers, do not throw away wood sticks that will be reused this way.

5. To make your tree brighter, sew some golden thread on thin felt. Some stars, some points, some cross-stitch…do as you feel like.

6. Cut some squares of decorated paper of 15x15cm and wrap small packages to look like lollipops. Don’t forget to number each lollipop so as to open a surprise all along December.

7. Make 12 cuts on each side of the tree through thin felt up to aluminum structure and jab each lollipop to decorate the tree. Use a skewer or a box cutter to do the cuts. Illuminate all around with string lights. Now just wait patiently until December 1st…

Realized by Marlène


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