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The Lollipops

Iconic symbol of sweet treats, Pierrot Gourmand lollipop has deliciously gone through decades. What’s the secret of its reputation? Quality ingredients, traditional manufacturing, a hint of poetry and a great creativity! With its wood stick and its paper wrapper, it confirms its commitments towards environmental protection and delights sweet treat lovers of all generations.

Pierrot Gourmand, a century of sweet treats…and mischief!

Since 1892, Pierrot Gourmand has had the mission to delight children and adults with delicious candies, but also to surprise them with new flavors, original and irresistible! That’s how, in 1924, Pierrot Gourmand created a delicious hard-boiled candy put on a little stick… The first lollipop is born! Iconic symbol of Pierrot Gourmand universe, the unique lollipop, called “Pee-Gee” in reference to initials P.G engraved on each lollipop, is still unanimously appreciated by the whole family. For younger ones, its good fresh-milk caramel taste instantaneously invites to dream, while it reminds older ones of cheerful schoolyard memories. A cult recipe that reminds everyone of a unique emotional moment and is today available in new fruity flavors to be discovered! Wonderful sweet moments From unwrapping to savoring, Pierrot Gourmand lollipop offers a heart-warming moment, for which it is essential to take your time. Some precious minutes to enjoy all flavors and let your imagination run free… Reaching the stars on an imaginary swing hung to the moon, organizing an expedition and living thousands of adventures, aroused by delicious flavors of a quality lollipop. Delicious caramel, smart grenadine, sour lemon… you just need to choose the recipe that will guide your dreams, for a sweet break that will be like any other one.

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