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  • Wood sticks

  • Foam cardboard

  • Pine tree branches

  • Hot glue gun

  • Pencil and rule

  • Scissors

  • Logs of different diameters

  • Wood sticks found during your walks

  • Small decorations, tiny Christmas tree bulbs, candies, lollipops,...

  • Artificial snow spray (optional)

  • String lights


1️- Create wood stars using downloadable templates. To do so, glue wood sticks together, using hot glue, following the contour of the star drawn on the template. Cut to the appropriate length if needed. For “full” stars, you must cut the star template on piece of foam cardboard (available on all hobby stores).

2️ - Glue pine tree branches on wood stars, on their front and on their back too. Insert pine tree branches in foam cardboard stars and also decorate them with these branches on both sides.

3️ - Cut (or buy) different diameters of wood logs and sticks of different lengths. Glue the stick at the foot the star to make tree stands, then glue it on wood logs using hot glue. If the stick diameter is not wide of at least 1cm, it is better to slightly drill the wood log using a drill before gluing the stick that will be the trunk.

4 - Decorate star trees with small decorations, tiny Christmas tree bulbs, candies or lollipops. Spray some snow for a winter appearance.

5 - Put star trees on your Christmas table on a carpet of eucalyptus, branches or artificial snow not forgetting string lights to give magic to your star tree forest.

DIY made by Ouiouiouistudio.

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