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Creative activity – My memo game


My memo game “The Animal and its cloud”

Enjoy a nice sunny day by having snack time in the park, laying down in the grass and contemplating the clouds…

Pierrot Gourmand invites you to live through this moment by enjoying its Cumulonimbus gummies. With their abstract shapes, their colors that recall the shades of a sunset and their texture as soft as a cloud, the whole family will feel like being in the wonder world.

To immerse the whole family in magic and let their imagination run free, we have worked with Pirouette Cacahouete, company located in the department of Correze, specialized in creation of creative activities. We have created a memo game available on our site and also inside the Cumulonimbus box.

Equipment list:

Downloadable file

• Scissors

• A bunch of imagination

The memo game is staged on a table at snack time.

Rules of the game:

• Put the cards face down. The first player turns over two cards.

• If they are the same, the player keeps the cards. They will be “won cards” and the player can play again.

• If the cards are not the same, the player turns the cards face down again at the same place, then it’s the next player’s turn.

• Keep playing the same way until there are no more cards on the table. The winner is the player who has the most cards.

Child playing memo game

Let’s start playing and discover some funny clouds that oddly look like animals!

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