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Petit garçon qui s'amuse avec des citrouilles en papier lors d'une activité manuelle.

DIY - The most frightening Halloween evening


You kids can’t wait to celebrate Halloween and you still don’t know what outfit and activities to propose them?

Don’t panic! Discover 3 manual activities easy to make and organize them the most frightening evening.

No need to rent horror movies to frighten your guests or make zombie outfits, with some imagination and lots of creativity your Halloween celebration will surprise everybody!

1.      Customizing your Halloween pumpkin

At the beginning it was a turnip transformed into a lantern, the pumpkin is now the perfect symbol of Halloween celebration.

From mummy pumpkin to witch pumpkin this tradition has now been adopted by all homes. To keep this tradition, we propose you to be original and make your own Harlequin pumpkins and starry pumpkins to add some poetry and fairy to this so frightening celebration.

Halloween pumpkin decoration

To discover the DIY – Halloween Pumpkins, click here!

2.      Creating a Halloween outfit for kids

This year, say goodbye to Halloween vampire and witch outfits for your kids! Let’s be original! Discover our DIY – Beetle Outfit fully made with recycled materials by clicking here.

Discover the DIY by clicking here!

3.      Decorating your house for Halloween

To have a successful Halloween celebration you need an original and breathtaking decoration! In addition to starry pumpkins, choose a decoration that will give fun to your kids. And for that, let’s create a Ghost Pinata filled with Pierrot Gourmand lollipops and gummies.

Between the trick or treat hunt at your neighbors’ and the destruction of the magic lantern, your kids will have plenty to do!

Discover the DIY by clicking here!

Making a ghost pinata

4. Doing manual family activities

Halloween is one of the celebrations that is perfect to let your imagination run free. Thanks to its various traditions and iconic symbols, let your creativity run free.

At Pierrot Gourmand’s, we have chosen to make a natural creative idea, easy for kids! Now discover our DIY – Bats.

Making bats from pine cones

In the end, organizing a Halloween evening with your kids is not so difficult! You just have to become childlike and dreamy again to freely create.

And if ever you have no idea, use our Halloween DIY to stimulate your creativity.

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