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Our History

A delicious and hear-warming tale

How to keep your inner child when you are nearly 130 years-old? By simply loving candies! Since 1892, Pierrot Gourmand takes children and adults on a journey to a wonderful dreamy and playful world, thanks to its unique flavors and its universe full of poetry...

The Pierrot Gourmand adventure


Georges Evrard opens the “Au Pierrot Gourmand” confectionery store in the Marais neighbourhood, in Paris. It’s the beginning of a great adventure!

The character of Pierrot has his origin in the Comedia Dell’Arte. But it’s a more touching and lunar version of the character that inspires Georges Evrard, coming to life with the features of the mime Jean Gaspard, also called Jean Debureau, on the famous music of “Au clair de la lune”. Then, he naturally decides to follow this line, by offering a delightful and indulgent sweet escape to the public!


Based on the success of his candies, he registers the brand “Pierrot Gourmand”. The picture of Pierrot Gourmand, who is sitting on a crescent moon, playful , and hesitating to offer some candies to his crush Columbine, becomes the brand effigy for a long time. It’s the beginning of the great adventure of Pierrot Gourmand! The factory will stay associated to this picture of a dreamy, touching and lunar character.


While its confectionery factory grows with new treats, Georges Evrard sets up its first chocolate factory at Ivry-sur-Seine, in order to meet the growing demand of his customers.


Georges Evrard imagines a new candy, made in a feather-shaped wood mold, and fixed to a Madagascar rattan stick, that allows candy lovers to enjoy a candy without getting fingers sticky...The first lollipop is born!

Let's discover our lollipops

Made of ceramic or porcelain and hand painted, the famous Pierrot Gourmand bust display invites children and adults to cheerfully choose their favorite lollipop. It has become the symbol of the brand and still delights candy lovers as well as collectors!

Let's discover the Pierrot Gourmand iconic bust

During fifties, Pierrot Gourmand has its golden age. The iconic lollipop “PeeGee” so called because of initials P.G. that are engraved, is proposed in several fruity flavors and delights the whole generation.

Let's discover our products

Pierrot Gourmand grows by being particularly present in neighbourhood stores, in the heart of the tradition and French know-how. Bakeries, gourmet stores, groceries... become the place to be for sweet lovers!

Pierrot Gourmand grows by being particularly present in neighbourhood stores, in the heart of the tradition and French know-how. Bakeries, gourmet stores, groceries... become the place to be for sweet lovers!

1982 - 1993

A range of gummy candies completes Pierrot Gourmand sweet offer.

2006 - 2010

China discovers feather-shaped lollipops, the brand is well-known for its French know-how, its quality and genuineness.

Pierrot Gourmand imagines an organic range of gummy candies and develops a true know-how in creating candies that are healthier and delicious.


To please all candy lovers with its delicious recipes, Pierrot Gourmand creates a range of Organic and Vegan gummy candies.

Over time, an unchanged recipe

Why make things complicated when it’s so simple to get delighted! Since 1892, Pierrot Gourmand has kept its values that have made it well-known: indulging candy lovers, defending authenticity and true pleasures, but above all inviting children and adults to take time to dream and be over the moon...

In a hyperactive world where adults and children are over-stimulated and have no time to get bored, Pierrot Gourmand candies offer a delicious break. Some sweet minutes during which time stops, to let your imagination run free, and allow everyone to develop his/her creativity

That’s why, since 1924, Pierrot Gourmand makes sure of always following the original recipe of the legendary caramel lollipop, inherited from Georges Evrard’s know-how. A genuine, simple and gourmet recipe, made from fresh and quality products.

Poured in a traditional cast iron mold and engraved with “P.G.” initials, each lollipop is presented in a pretty paper wrapper decorated with a harlequin design, a poetic nod to Pierrot Gourmand story. Its biodegradable wooden stick and its recyclable paper wrapper confirm the commitment of the brand to protect the environment, for a sweeter future, for all.

And if Pierrot Gourmand recipes have won the heart of several generations, they are today proposed in new flavors, that remind the sweet flavors of childhood, and call adults and children to escape and discover new wonderful universes.

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