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Our know-how

The art of confectionery

At Pierrot Gourmand’s, loving candies is (also) a serious matter! For more than a century, we endeavor to create quality sweets, that carry away those who enjoy them in a sweet, delightful and tender universe.

Quality ingredients, French manufacturing

Pierrot Gourmand continues to write his story by celebrating the art of candies “made in France”, his delicious products and his precious know-how. Today Pierrot Gourmand lollipops and candies are made in the South-West of France, in the Corrèze region

And if these sweets carry adults and children away to wonderful universes for a moment of delight, there is no question of finding ingredients far away! Sugar and fresh milk, that give lollipops their genuine and delightful flavors, come from France.

A will to celebrate Pierrot Gourmand’s legacy, but also to delight you with delicious and heart-warming candies, that offer adults and children unforgettable sweet moments!

Because good things take time...

For nearly one century, the recipe of the original PeeGee lollipop remains genuine. Cooked gently to get a nice texture that enhances sweet and heart-warming flavors, ingredients are then poured in a traditional iron cast mould, to create the iconic feather shape of Pierrot Gourmand lollipops. Each lollipop is then thoroughly wrapped in a lovely colored wrapper.

But at Pierrot Gourmand’s, respecting tradition does not mean giving up creativity! Always looking for new recipes to delight us, Pierrot Gourmand reinvents his favourite treat in fruity and audacious versions. New inspiring flavors, that hide as many surprises for all candy lovers, and instantaneously call to go and conquer new universes...on the moon or somewhere else!

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