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Photo au format bandeau qui met en avant différents accessoires festifs pour enfants. On retrouve notamment un chapeau doré et un serre-tête étoilé.



Equipment needed:

- Headband

- Gold paint

- Gold wire

- Gold or silver paper (minimum A3 paper size)

- Gold tissue

- Pompom and elastic band for mask

- Paper of different colors (your choice)

- Gold pen

- Paper straw


1️- For the moon/star headband:

You just have to buy or reuse an old headband and paint it in gold. Then cut stars of different sizes in gold paper (thick enough). For each star, you must have a front side and a rear side. Glue gold wire between both sides then roll it around the headband.

2️ - For the pointed hat:

To make the cones, we give you a tip here. It will help you to make half-circles bigger than your child’s compass.

Once this step done, let’s decorate the cones! Glue stars on it then put a pompom on top of it. Create a variant by cutting some small pieces of tissue that you will glue on another cone. To finish, staple or tape the elastic band.

3️ - For the mask and the mustache:

Cut a mask or a mustache in a paper of the color you want. Draw a harlequin pattern on the mask and lines on the mustache using a gold pen. On the rear, tape a straw to hold them.

DIY made by Mathilde from je_fais_souvent_ce_reve.

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