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DIY – Halloween bats


What could a Halloween celebration be without creative activities to stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity?

With all its traditions and iconic symbols, Halloween is the perfect time to make creative activities that are both original and frightening.

Don’t wait to discover our Halloween Bats DIY. A creative idea easy to make, that will give kids an advance Halloween taste.

Equipment needed:

- Pine cones

- Black paper sheet

- White paper sheet

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Hot glue

- Moving eyes

The bats are arranged on a Halloween-style table.


Draw bat wings and ears on a black paper sheet with a pencil. Then cut them and put some glue on each shape.

On a black sheet of paper, bat wings are drawn and cut out.Using a glue gun, add a dot of glue to the bat wings.Glue bat wings and ears on a pine cone.

Create the bat bodyGlue the moving eyes on the pine cone using the glue gun.

Fix the removable eyes on the pine cone

Some DIY to celebrate Halloween

From creating traditional symbols to making original DIY, Halloween is the perfect time to let your kids’ imagination and creativity run free.

For some people Halloween cannot be celebrated without a Pumpkins DIY, others prefer to make Outfits DIY or funny activities with kids.


Some treats to enjoy all evening long

There is no Halloween celebration without the famous trick or treat hunt! Get ready to welcome little monsters that come to knock on your door. Make a mix between Pierrot Gourmand lollipop dispenser box and the “Il était une fois” mini bag dispenser box and you will make all candy lovers so happy!

DIY made by Frédérique from the account @nosidéescréatives

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