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DIY- Halloween pumpkins


Equipment list:

• One or several star-shaped cutters

• Blue and gold paints

• Flakes

• String lights

• Hammer

• Vegetable peeler

• Knife


Step 1 : Make a hole with the knife on the back of the pumpkin to empty it and put the cut part back to close it.

Draw a moon with a pencil, then remove the orange skin of the pumpkin with a vegetable peeler in order to only keep the yellow part.

Place the star-shaped cutters on the pumpkin and hit gently with a hammer to get some nice stars.

Step 2 : Paint the pumpkin in blue, the shaft and the moon in gold. Don’t wait too long to put flakes on the moon.

Insert string lights inside the pumpkin to illuminate your creation.

Step 3 : For the other two pumpkins, paint them all. Draw diamonds and moons in blue and/or gold using a paintbrush.

Realized by Mathilde


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