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DIY - Butterfly costume


Equipment needed:

- Thick wire (diameter 5mm)

- Very thin wire

- Tissue paper of 2 different colors (large sheets of 77x50cm)

- Confettis, sequins, stars, etc.

- White glue

- Two small polystyrene balls

- Headband

- Black paint


1️- To start, shape a butterfly wing with thick wire (diameter 5MM). Keep some wire to hang it to the other wing.

2️ - Then, once the external wing frame is made, shape the ribs inside the wing using thin wire. When both wings are shaped, tie them together using thick wire and make a hanging system by bowing wire (to hang it to your child’s clothing).

3️ - Then put tissue paper under a wing (for example, a dark blue sheet for the bottom of the wing and a light blue sheet for the rest) and coat with white glue at the ribs and the frame. Then cover with two other tissue paper sheets and slightly press at glue points to make it hold well and ribs well visible. Then cut the paper tissue at the level of frames and add some glue all around to be sure that all is glued.

4- Then glue some decoration on the wings using white glue: confettis, stars, sequins, etc.

5- To make the antenna headband, take a piece of thick wire and put a polystyrene ball on it. Wrap the wire around the headband and put the second ball at the other end. Then paint or spray with paint.

Here you are, your child is ready for Mardi Gras!

DIY made by Mathilde from je_fais_souvent_ce_reve.

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