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DIY - Pierrot Gourmand costume


Equipment needed:

- Black A2-size paper sheet

- Glue gun

- Dual-sided adhesive tape

- Glue stick

- Two white pompoms and black wool

- 6mm hole punch

- White or glitter paper

- Star hole punch (optional)


1️- Draw a quarter circle with diameter of about 25cm.

2️ - Cut the shape and cut a small arc of circle at the tip.

3️ - Punch small stars with hole punch, then glue them on the large paper arc of circle.

4- Put some dual-sided adhesive tape all along a straight side, on the same side as stars.

5- Remove the upper part of the adhesive tape.

6- Fold back the other side of the paper by rolling it. Press to be sure that both parts hold well together.

7- Put glue with glue gun at the tip of the hat.

8- Glue a white pompom. Do the same with the other pompom, in the middle of the hat.

9- Cut two wool threads of about 30cm each.

10- Punch a hole on each side of the hat.

11- Put a thread in each hole and make a double knot to tie them to the hat.

DIY made by Maeva from @lesmercredissouslapluie.

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