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Focus sur la boîte à messages personnalisée et gourmande à offrir à la maîtresse

DIY – Teacher gift


Message box

To thank the teacher for a beautiful school year, what a wonderful idea to offer her a handmade gift! With Maéva of account @lesmercredissouslapluie we propose you to make a customized and sweet message box. A kind thought that will certainly enjoy your teacher and satisfy her taste buds!

Equipment list:

• Blue cardboard paper

• Rule

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Glue stick

• Clothes pins

• Golden cardboard paper

• White paper

• Black felt pen

• Cooking string

• Tape

• Picture of your kid

• Pierrot Gourmand lollipop


Step 1: Creation of the first box

Draw 2 squares of 7.5cm side by side on a blue cardboard sheet. Keep your pencil to lengthen the corners of the squares by 2cm outside, then link the diagonal ends.

Dimensions are taken and lines drawn to create the bottom of the box

Cut the sheet following the most external line of the squares. Add notches using scissors at each corner. Lift each side up and glue them to each other to create the rims of the box.

Tip: Use clothes pin to hold the corners

Use clothespins to secure the ends of the box

Step 2: Creation of the envelope

On a second blue cardboard sheet, draw a rectangle of 15.5cm x 20.5cm, then draw a line at 1.5cm from the edge, a second line at 1.5cm from the first one, a third line at 8cm from the second one and a last line at 1.5cm from the third line. Cut out remaining paper using scissors.

Creating the envelope pattern on the blue sheet

Cut a rectangle of golden paper (10cm x 5cm), then glue another rectangle of white paper of smaller dimensions (10 cm x 3cm). On this latter, write “THANK YOU".

Attaching the

Put the label on one of the main windows of your blue rectangle, then fold the cardboard paper to create an envelope.

Step 3: Creation of the personalized message

On a blue cardboard paper sheet, create several small circles, then repeat the same operation on white paper with smaller circles than the ones on the blue paper. Glue the white circles on the blue ones, then write a letter on each circle to create a word.

Write the letters in the small circles to create a note to the teacher

Gather all letters to write a word and turn them over. Use tape to stick cooking string on the back of each circle.

Link letters together using kitchen wire to create a word

At the bottom of the box, glue the end of the string, then stick a picture of your kid over it.

Fixing a child's photo inside the box

The message box is ready!

Inside the customized envelope, glue the other side of the cooking string. Before closing the box, put a Pierrot Gourmand lollipop to add a touch of sweetness in the gift. Then put the lovely garland of letters inside the box, then close it.

The gift is ready to be offered to the teacher!

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