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DIY - Rosette Mask


Are you looking for a colored and creative idea easy to do with your kid for Mardi Gras? Discover the Rosette Mask DIY. With spring colors, sparkling glitters and star-shaped decorations, your little cherub will be the star of the carnival!

Scissors, glue and harlequin friezes will revive carnival traditions from the Commedia dell’arte’s characters.

Let’s discover all steps to do this creative idea.

Equipment needed:

- Paper carnival mask

- Harlequin pattern papers to be downloaded and printed right here.

- Assorted colored papers

- Midnight blue paper

- Wire yarn

- Glitters

- White liquid glue

- Tube of glue

- Hot glue gun

- Scissors

- Rule

- Pencil

- Paintbrush

All the materials needed for this DIY project are laid out on a table


Step 1: Decorating the paper mask with flakes

Fully cover the mask with white liquid glue and dust glitters of different sizes and colors.

Tip: put a sheet under the mask to collect glitters for a future DIY.

Decorate the paper mask with gold glitter

Step 2: Printing harlequin sheets

Harlequin sheets are available in the equipment list. Once printed, combine them with assorted colored paper sheets.

The printed sheets of the harlequin frieze are combined with matching sheets of paper

Step 3️: Creating paper rosettes

Cut rectangles of minimum 30cm long and with different widths: 3.5cm, 4.5cm, 6cm, 12cm according to the desired rosette size. Fold rectangles in "accordion" every cm.

On each sheet, paper accordions are created on each sheet

To create rosettes, fold and glue the accordion onto itself. If it’s not long enough to have a full rosette, glue several accordions one after the other before closing and gluing.

Hold rosettes flat by gluing a small paper disk on the back and in the center with hot glue.

Paper accordions are unfolded to create rosettes

Step 4: Decorating rosettes

To decorate rosettes, put some liquid glue on the edges and dip the rosettes in a little bowl filled with glitters. Let it dry for some minutes before handling the rosette.

Decorate rosettes with gold glitter

Step 5: Creating the mask

Glue all rosettes on the mask using hot glue.

Insert different sizes and play with volumes and height. First put the largest ones then the smallest ones. You may also put quarters of rosettes to have this volume effect or paper stars glued on wire yarns.

Rosettes are glued to the mask

The mask is worn by a child

The 2 rosette masks are placed on a table.

A celebration inspired by the universe of the Commedia dell'Arte

In the past, the most popular outfits of Venice carnival were all inspired by the famous characters of the Commedia dell'Arte. Very often Pierrot paraded with Colombina and Harlequin.

DIY performed by Marlène from the account @ouiouiouistudio

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