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Customize your Mölkky game with a sunny family DIY. Paint, paintbrushes and ribbon... Discover all our tips to customize your skittles.

What a perfect time during summer to enjoy activities with your family outside. Playing, aiming and throwing…the Mölkky, these Finnish wooden skittles, is the perfect game for young and old alike to play and enjoy good times.

Here are the different steps to customize your skittles.

Equipment needed:

- Mölkky game

- Adhesive tape

- Acrylic paint (colors of your choice).

- Paintbrushes

- Find here the creative idea tutorial


1️- Mark out the areas to be painted using adhesive tape. You may create stripes or different shapes on each piece to have a matched or mismatched set.

2️ - Paint marked areas with acrylic paint.

3️ - Once paint is dry, you may draw additional shapes you like on them.

A sharing moment to enjoy

With your family or your friends, any time is right to play the Mölkky game. During aperitif, barbecue or on the beach, you can play at any time of the day. So let’s think about customizing the skittles with your kids : they will enjoy a creative manual activity and then play with their customized skittles.

DIY created by Alexandrine from account @leblogdartlex

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