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DIY- The greatest space propulsion system


Equipment needed:

  • Smooth cardboard and corrugated cardboard

  • White and blue paint

  • Fabric scraps and ribbons

  • Sparkling paper

  • 1m of elastic strap

  • Pencil and rule

  • Paintbrush

  • Box cutter

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gune

  • Liquid glue

Steps :

Step 1: Preparation of the different parts

Cut parts in smooth cardboard and paint them in white : 2 rectangles of 29x17cm ; 1 rectangle of 53x13cm. Then cut parts in corrugated cardboard and paint them in blue: 2 rectangles of 29x6cm ; 4 rectangles of 29x2cm ; 4 circles of 9cm diameter.

Step 2: The base of rockets

Roll large white rectangles to form the tubes of the rockets, then glue blue corrugated cardboard circles on top and bottom of tubes.

Step 3: Forming the "ribbon rockets"

Cut a rectangle of 53x13cm in its diagonal to have 2 triangles. Roll the cardboard in spiral while letting an empty space of 3cm diameter in the center to then insert ribbons. Glue the ribbons at the bottom of the rocket.

Step 4: Shoulder straps

Cut 50cm of elastic strap, form a loop to create a shoulder strap and glue it to the back of rockets. Decorate and glue the blue corrugated cardboard to fix the straps.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble all parts to each other using hot glue, cut and glue two stars in paper to decorate the propulsion system. Your kid is ready for his trip to the moon!

Realized by @ouiouiouistudio

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