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DIY- The most wonderful playhouse

You will need:

  • A pair of scissors or a cutter

  • 3 identical cartons of 40/54cm and 54cm height

  • A paintbrush

  • Painting

  • Tape

  • One yellow sheet of paper

Step 1:

Start by properly unfolding the 3 cartons, then tape it together lengthwise. Close it up to form a rectangle.

Step 2

Then, cut the four angles over a length of 30 cm from the top to the bottom and form a pointed roof with both opposite sides. You could then tape them together to fix the roof.

Step 3

Cut bot sides along the roof that you just have formed. With a marker draw two circles on the front side of the carton and then cut them to form the windows.

Do the same to form a small entrance at the back of the rocket.

Step 4

This the moment to give your rocket wings!

To form the wings, you just need to cut a small piece of carton (with the cardboard waste inside the circles) in a triangle shape, of 5/10 cm and the tape them under the cardboard boxe flap. Do the same thing again on the other side.

Step 5

Here is the young and older kids favorite part! It is time to paint our beautiful rocket! Leave to dry a moment.

Step 6

You could now customize the rocket!

Cut the stars and the moon on the yellow sheet paper and paste them on the rocket.

Your DIY is over ad your rocket ready to take off to the infinity and beyond!

Realized by @welovecharlieandcapucine

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