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Equipment needed:

  • Waste cardboard

  • 1 white paper sheet (a little thick, like drawing paper, 180 to 240g) for clouds.

  • 1 80g yellow paper sheet (for stars)

  • 1 box cutter

  • 1 rule

  • Scissors

  • 1 glue gun + liquid glue

  • Paint + 1 paintbrush

  • White paint makers

  • Balsa or wood


1️- Cut the Moon and its border (4-5cm high strips) in waste cardboard. Make small incisions in the first layer of cardboard strips using cutter and rule, to make folding easier.

2️ - Bend then glue the strips to do the border of the Moon.

3️ - Paint the inside of the Moon.

4 - Add Milky Way and constellations, using paint makers, inside the Moon (at the bottom).

5 - Cut and glue stars and clouds (templates available for download).

6 - Use balsa, small wood or cardboard to make a ladder. Glue it to the Moon.

7 - OPTIONAL: add small decorative objects, toys, etc.

DIY created by Jesus Sauvage.

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