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DIY – Hook-a-duck game


School fairs are upcoming, then Pierrot Gourmand invites you to do an ecofriendly, creative and fun activity. Step by step discover how to upcycle yogurt tubs and create a Hook-a duck- game.

You will need some colored yogurt tubs and lots of imagination to create the favorite game of your kids that they will be able to use during their last day of school just before summer holidays.

Equipment list:

• Yogurt tubs

• Metal ties (or wire)

• Eye, mouth and nose stickers

• Black felt pen

• Wood sticks

• String

• Hot glue

• Paper clips


Step 1: Making the fishing rod

Wind a piece of string around a wood stick using hot glue. At the end of the string, put a paper clip that will be used to “fish” a maximum of yogurt tubs.

Step 2: Adding the hook to the yogurt tubs

Use a metal tie to punch the yogurt tub. Make sure to leave enough space between the tub and the tie to be able to catch it with the fishing rod.

To decorate the yogurt tubs and create characters, let your imagination run free. With mouth and eye stickers, or using a black felt pen, personify the yogurt tubs as you want!

Upcycling, what’s that?

It is an ethical and sustainable practice that gives a new life to existing objects or materials. It aims at improving and reuse these elements to make new products of higher quality.


Pierrot Gourmand is an avid supporter of this practice and regularly proposes creative ideas based on upcycling. From confetti mask to crescent moon DIY, upcycling can be used for many occasions.

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