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DIY - 4 ideas of kid costume DIY for a magical carnival


Kids have so much imagination and love wearing fancy dress to play a part and imagine stories!

For Halloween they will wear their most frightening Beetle Outfit, and for their birthday they will become a cosmonaut or an aviator.

A multitude of ideas that will push to reinvent yourself several times a year…

Don’t worry, for Carnival 2024 you won’t be short of ideas! We propose you 4 DIY of magical costumes and colored accessories for kids. Costumes that can be done with your family, perfect to share a creative moment with your kids.

1.     Rosette Mask

To teach your kids manual activities, what’s better than a workshop to create Carnival masks?

They will learn how to carefully cut out, fold pieces of paper in “accordion”, sprinkle golden flakes on a mask and glue materials together to create nice colored rosettes.

Discover the Rosette Mask by clicking here!

2.      Butterfly Costume

If you want to challenge your creativity, this DIY is made for you! This DIY is particularly complicated when making the frame of butterfly wings. A delicate step but essential to make this creative idea. To brilliantly end it, let your kids decorate the butterfly wings with confettis and flakes!

Ready for the challenge!

déguisement papillon bleu

3.      Confetti Mask

This Confetti Mask DIY is a great opportunity to spend a nice moment with your family. Whether cutting cardboard or gluing colored confettis, kids and parents will share a good moment while having fun!

Discover the DIY by clicking here!

4. Pierrot Costume

Venice Carnival has been highly influenced by the Commedia dell’arte. Therefore it is common to see one of the symbolic characters of this popular Italian theater walking around in streets of Venice.

To celebrate these traditions, we propose you to make this Pierrot costume. From its legendary black hat to its well-known ruff, you can discover all steps to make this DIY right here!

A sweet carnival

You now have all you need to create the most beautiful Carnival costumes for your kids. But there is no Mardi Gras without fritters, crepe or candies? Don’t resist to our dispenser boxes of Once upon a time, Cumulonimbus, The Great Bear gummies and of Pierrot Gourmand lollipops. A family box that can be shared during the parade!

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